January 31, 2023

Editorial Policy

TechieDigest editorial policy is set to create and deliver high standards content about technology, Business, and Lifestyle news.

Our editorial policy is as followed:

Editorial Content Creation

Different types of content are published on TechieDigest, including news articles, guides, reviews, tutorials, and opinion pieces.

Fact-checking and accuracy: We aim to ensure that all content is accurate and factually correct, including sourcing and citation guidelines.

Reliable Sourcing

Ethical guidelines: TechieDigest follows high standards for ensuring that the content being published on the site is fair, unbiased, and respectful of all individuals and groups.

Plagiarism: The content posted on TechieDigest is 100% unique. We are committed to publishing content written by educating authors. In the case of Press releases, the content is provided by PR distribution agencies and the articles are marked as Press Releases.


In order to maintain credibility and integrity in our field, we prioritize transparency and authenticity in our reporting.  We deliver news coverage, opinion articles, and instructional materials.

TechieDigest is transparent and balanced, providing a trustworthy source of information for readers.


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